Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Becoming Mrs Melchior

It's been a month since my Wedding reception last month. Hehehehe...I am blessed to have such a wonderful family, who always supported me. Being a wife at this stage is easy, (I guess). I wanted to share my wedding pics in the blog, but I just don't have time to do it!
I will never forget those memorable moments in my entire life.  Here's some sweet moments I upload (the one that i will not share in FB or Twitter).

Friday, October 12, 2012

Wedding! Wedding!

Last Saturday, It has been a blessed and memorable moments for me n darl. 06.10.2012, this is the date that i will never forget for the rest of my life. I have never really thought of being someone's wife, but here I am, I recite the vow in front of our family members at Stella Maris Church. 

I cried after we exchange vows, after he put on the ring to my finger, after i turned around and saw the church was full with close friends and relatives. The happy tears run down my cheeks as I stood beside the man that I have just exchange my vows with. I have officially became Mrs Melchior from this day onwards. 

After light refreshments, we went back to my home before we checked into one of the Hotel in KK to celebrate our first night as Husband n Wife. On 07.10.2012, it was my reception at Dewan Tun Fuad, 1.00 Pm. What a tiring day!!!

Today 12.10.2012 is my 7th day being Mrs Melchior. Another reception tonight at Dewan Tun Fuad for Groom's reception. Hopefully everything will be smooth tonite! Thanks for your grace Lord!
I am the Queen of the day! Yay!! I'm Married1

Monday, August 27, 2012

Wedding Preparation - Part II

Last Saturday, 25.08.2012, I called again my besties Jc and Sharon, to come and help me with all the wedding preparation. Well, we're having food testing at the same day. So, it's like double activities for the night. Jc bring along some of her colleagues, Rose and Elcy. What more could I say, except a million thanks and gratitude offered sincerely from the heart...!

Thanks Girlsss!!
Million thanx to u!!

Only for my cute girls!!!

JC with her cute pose!

Sharon in her best pose!

My friends who always be there for ME!

Hand bouquet for my flower girls

My DIY fake flowers corsage!
Almost full!!!

Food Testing

Last Saturday, 25.08.2012, we had a food testing to choose the most suitable dishes to order during the wedding reception. Well, we ordered 9 dishes but the caterer send us 15 dishes instead! Awww....that's very nice of u Aunty Victoria! We called up few friends and relatives so we can enjoy the meal together. Most of the dish was awesome! I think my parents have decided which dish to order by now. Yup!!
15 dishes to try

My friend Jc n Rose trying to get some pix for their ref! hahhaha...

A million thanx to our caterer, Aunty Victoria, all close relatives and friends who came to support by giving your sincere opinions about the food served that night. Your presence are reallly appreciated!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Dream Wedding Cake

Everyone has their "Dream Wedding"..So do I. Well, I never dreamt of having big wedding or any Wedding of the Year type. I just want a normal, simple but beautiful wedding.

Well, no matter how simple your dream is, at least you still have a dream, and the dream will be the aim for you to achieve.  So, I'm sharing this wedding cake that I always wanted for my wedding. Hhahaha...I always want a "Wedding Cake with Fountain and Light"!! The cake is simple but pretty!
Now, I'm still searching for the person who can make this kind of cake for me. And hopefully, I'll find one! Yay!!

Wedding Preparation- Part I

Last Sunday (1st day of Raya), I have asked two of my besties to come and help me out for my wedding preparation. Lots of card to be done because i need to get it all out by end of this month. Early of next month, is the week of distribution to all our guests. I'm also helping my fiance to make his invitation card for his side. SO, lots of work to be done. My wedding favor are still pending too. But i'll worry about that one after we are done with the invitation cards.
Thanks to all my fam members and friends who came and help that night. It's fun when you are doing it with the people you love!! I really love u all! Me, Jc and Sharon chatted all night with our hands keep moving trying our best to complete everything. We took a little break to have dinner together, (Thanks for preparing the wonderful dinner, MUM!). Well, you could say, this is also a hang out time for me, the way to spend time with my besties. And we end up staying up until 3.15 am!! That's our best record so far!
I am soo grateful to have you guys as my friends, and with that, you also become part of my family, the one that i will cherish for the rest of my life!!

My mum in the action!
We can work while having fun!

My Sis and Ben!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Bali-Bali Garden

Last Thursday, the whole family in HR dept went to Bali-Bali Garden to have dinner (Sungkai) together. The place has a nice ambience, a modern concept of Home-based restaurant. I can see that the place is still under renovation and there are still some mess here and there. But overall, the place is cool even though the parking space SUCKS! That night we ordered Ikan Bakar Bumbu Bali. Well, I don't see any specialties in the food served since the service is quite slow and the taste is not that up to the standard. But since the place is just recently open and still new, i guess they can be given some credit on the Balinese environment they offered.